A fully remodeled bathroom is one of the most desired of all home remodeling projects and is also one that can do the most to add real estate value to your home. By some estimates, a new bathroom can pay for itself by adding real estate value that is at least equal to the cost of remodeling. A luxury bathroom can cause potential buyers to enter bidding wars for home, while the same residence with a tired, old bathroom might languish on the market without so much as a single bid.


Bathroom remodels are also one of the hardest of all remodeling projects for which to estimate costs, since there are so many variables at work and because the materials are available in such a wide range of quality. It’s best to get a professional to work on this project. Mobile Remodeling Contractors would ensure you that the result of their work has the best quality that is worthy of your money. We all know that when planning to remodel your bathroom, you can spend as little as $100 on a new toilet or as much as $10,000.


Industry Cost Surveys

In a 2018 survey, a digital marketplace that allows homeowners to explore home improvement costs and contact prescreened professionals, the average bathroom remodel in 2018 cost $10,246, with most falling between $5,943 and $14,771. Updating all essential fixtures and surfaces for a small or medium-sized bathroom ranges from $3,500 to $7,000, while large master baths can go well beyond $13,000 or more. It should be noted, however, that these figures are averages of a large sample that includes both DIY and contractor installations. Skilled homeowners willing to budget shop can often beat these costs by doing the work themselves, while contractor jobs can go much, much higher, especially when a bathroom is being demolished to the studs and structurally expanded.


Levels of Remodeling


A helpful way to look at bathroom remodeling costs is by categorizing different levels of work that are involved. Typically, when a project is of the facelift variety, it is done to save money, and the materials used tend to be chosen for the economy. But homeowners who are pulling out the stops to hire a general contractor are usually willing to spend large sums, choosing more premium fixtures and materials. This means that a “remodeled” bathroom can cost around $1,000 for a DIY homeowner who is replacing surface materials and perhaps a fixture or two, or as much as $50,000 or more for a bathroom that is gutted and expanded, and filled with top-end materials and fixtures. And if you think it’s an exaggeration to think that people every spend $100,000 on a new bathroom, you’d be quite wrong—there are more of these bathrooms around than you imagine.


Do it Yourself Complete Makeover


At this level of remodeling, homeowners are tackling the work themselves, and are replacing the cosmetic surfaces and perhaps the toilet and sink. But they are leaving the core elements—the plumbing, wiring, ventilation, and wall structures—alone. The bathtub and shower also remain untouched at this level.


Here, you are still doing the work yourself, but now are looking at the complete replacement of virtually all surfaces and fixtures. Small changes or extensions to plumbing lines may be necessary, but such a project generally doesn’t require new circuits or major rerouting of plumbing lines. This type of remodeling might include:


  1. Replacing floors and wall surfaces with ceramic tile
  2. Replacing old vanity and sink with new special-order vanity with quartz or granite countertop with an integrated sink.
  3. Adding linen closet cabinet
  4. Replacing old bathtub with new bathtub with tiled wall surrounds and premium shower valve and glass door
  5. Installing a new toilet
  6. Replacing vent van


DIY Complete Makeover Cost: $5,000 to $15,000


Contractor Complete Makeover


Like the DIY version, this type of project entails replacing all surfaces and fixtures in a bathroom, but in this instance, the work is done by one or more professional contractors you hire. At this level, an owner/builder contractor is a good choice. An owner/builder construction contractor is an experienced carpenter who likely does much of the hands-on work himself, but also subcontract other professionals for the tasks for which he is not qualified. For example, the owner/builder contractor may hire a licensed plumber to do any plumbing work necessary, while doing all the rest of the work himself. He may also staff a small group of additional carpenters who work alongside him.


A typical bathroom remodels on this scale will include all of the features described in the DIY Complete Makeover (above), possibly using more premium materials and fixtures. Estimated Cost would be $15,000 to $30,000.